About Compost Joe’s

Compost Joe’s Premium Soils & Organics LLC operates one of Wisconsin’s only organic recycling programs. Located 7 miles north of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, we produce quality organic compost from 100% recycled organics. Compost Joe will sell no compost before it’s time!

Our soil amendment products are used by some of the Midwest’s most prestigious organic growers, backyard gardeners, and professional landscapers.

Compost Joe’s offers one of Wisconsin’s largest selections of organic compost. Our compost meets the industry’s highest standards and we use only approved test facilities to monitor our products.

Compost Joe’s promotes organic and sustainable management practices that minimize chemical use and emphasize preserving and rebuilding our valuable topsoil resource.

Compost Joe’s Premium Soils Organics LLC was formed in 2008 by Sarah Everson.

We are excited to announce the completion of another compost educational program. Sarah Everson and Sarah and Anna Toman have completed the Midwest Extension Compost Operator Training School in both 2009 and 2010.  Sarah has successfully completed the University of Wisconsin Extension Master Composter training course.  This allows them to educate others how to compost in a backyard

For our team, collaborating with the nation’s foremost experts in organic recycling, obtaining valuable knowledge and putting that experience to work for our customers is job one at Compost Joe’s.

Making compost takes time and experience. We are committed to providing only the highest quality compost on the market today.

**Please note we DO NOT sell compost by the yard.  We only sell compost by the bag from location retailers**

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