Diverting from the landfill- 1 grocery store at a time

Local compost facility is diverting from the landfill 1 grocery store at a time!  

Compost Joe’s, a commercial compost facility located in Van Dyne, has joined forces with three grocery store in Fond du Lac.  Rick & Vic’s Piggly Wiggly and two Pick ‘n Save stores are working together with Compost Joe’s on a landfill diversion project.  All vegetable and produce waste is collected and composted instead of being landfilled.  Nearly a dozen twenty-one gallon lockable green bins are left at each of the produce departments during the week for the grocery employees’ use. Several times during the week, Compost Joe’s employees collect the full bins and leave empty bins in their place. The full bins are taken back to Compost Joe’s facility for processing.

“It is a win-win for everyone” said Sarah Everson, co-owner of Compost Joe’s.

Rick & Vic’s Piggly Wiggly began collaborating with Compost Joe’s in a pilot landfill diversion project in June 2010.  Theirs was the first partnership of its type in the Fond du Lac area and the only such project in Wisconsin.  “Now, as of July 5, 2011, two more grocery stores have joined with Compost Joe’s, and we couldn’t be happier,” said Everson. “We hope in the near future all the grocery stores in Fond du Lac recognize the fiscal and environmental benefits of composting their vegetable and produce waste.”

For more information about Compost Joe’s, visit their website found in the business index.

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