How to Use Compost

Never used compost before? Well, just like lawn fertilizer, apply it to your yard and garden in the spring and fall. When using compost you don’t have worrying about any chemicals damaging your plants or getting into the water stream, yet your plants are still getting all the nutrients they need!

When do you need to apply compost? Houseplants, flowerbeds, gardens and yarda can have topdressing compost applied continually year round during the growing season.

Our products are available in bulk or in bags. Please call ahead.  We mix custom blends for customers with special needs. We are happy to fill your truck or to arrange trucking.

Compost Joe’s not only supplies compost for your use, we have certified composters that offer consulting to help you learn how to compost in your backyard.

We also have all the tools needed to home compost: backyard composting bins, compost turner, kitchen keepers for food scraps and more. Visit our online store or contact us to schedule a visit to our showroom.

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