Jahn Autosport was founded in 1972 in a garage with the buildup of a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia which shared road racing and ice racing duties. That Ghia started something great and lead to more cars and many championships including C-Sports Racing, Formula Atlantic, Formula Ford, Club Sports 2000, F Production among others. Jahn Autosport was able to accomplish these championships though technology, car preparation, and attention to detail while working on wide breadth of cars. Jahn Autosport carries out a full range of work from regular service, maintenance and performance upgrades to ‘ground up’ race car construction, development and support. Courtney “Corky” Jahn has crewed for the team since having the ability to hold a wrench. Prior to auto racing he dabbled in karts and remote control cars. In 1994 he acquired his racing license. Over the past 15 years he captured multiple championships while perfecting the art of car preparation and development. This year (2011) is being treated as a development year. We will not be attending the big “shows” such as the JUNE SPRINTS or the RUNOFFS in hopes to attend more National level races which offer more track time in order to focus on car, driver, and team progress with less investment. Over the winter we have focused our efforts on the vast details of tuning the car. We have done a complete suspension analysis with a complete new spring/shock combination. Currently we are working on a complete wheel bearing replacement (decrease rolling resistance) and we hope to complete a very expensive brake upgrade if budget allows (Aluminum calipers and swiss cheese rotors). We have goals of running new rubber for the first time this year; however, it depends on the support of our friends, family and racing partners.

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