Earth Day By Iver Johnson

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle for Earth Day

There are many other options out there besides just throwing items away.  It just takes people to be willing to take that extra step.  Goodwill, St. Vincent, Fringe Benefits, Salvation Army or The ReStore are possible options to donate items to so they may be reused.  These are excellent resources for us.  This is a win-win situation and it diverts re-usable materials from our landfills.

I think that the kids need to keep encouraging their parents and grandparents to recycle and compost.  There is a great amount of education in the schools, libraries and on the internet that shows progress is taking place.  These are positive programs and a huge step in the right direction.

Stay active, compost what you can.  We’re all in this together, keep up the good work.  We are working towards zero waste on planet earth.   More Compost, More Recycling, Less Landfill

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