“The Less we all send to the landfill, the More we can all save”

As Earth Day approaches we all need to remember “The Less we all send to the landfill, the More we can all save”

This is true in so many different ways. By diverting from the landfill we are saving ourselves from the 120% state tax on garbage disposal fee.  We can help non-profits make a profit to the betterment of our community.  We can bond and learn with our children as we have quality family time recycling and composting together. 

Every other week when you bring out your recycling bin, there’s still something recyclable in your trash that has been missed.

Every time you go through your closet and get rid of items, you could be diverting them from a landfill by donating them to a local thrift shop or have a rummage sale.

Every time you remodel your kitchen or anything in your home, all of that can be diverted from the landfill by donating it.  Construction debris is very bulky, landfill diversion is very important.

Fill your kitchen keeper with vegetable food scraps and compost them with yard waste instead of just throwing the vegetable food scraps away.

Thinking before we act is the first step in the right direction.  Do you need to stop and get groceries on the way home?  Don’t forget to grab your re-usable grocery bag.  What to have for dinner?  Check the refrigerator and cookbooks before stopping at a drive thru.  Make a list and do all your errands at one time to save on gas.

Business envelopes, cardboard, cereal/shoe boxes, computer/copy paper, file folders, junk mail, newspaper, sticky notes, telephone books, ketchup bottles, glass jars, narrow neck plastic bottles (regardless of the number on the bottom), aluminum/steel/tin cans and beer/wine bottle can all be recycled.  Yes the residents of Fond du Lac are encouraged to continue to recycle.

Cardboard, paper, grass clippings, wood chips, brush, used potting soil, vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds and leaves can all be composted in your backyard for future use.

The most important thing is to ask questions if you are unsure on what to do.  Contact the City of Fond du Lac, the local UW-Extension office, a local commercial composter or even the DNR.  They all have ample information for you.  Together we can send less to the landfill and save money.


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